Share-Ur-Event is all about events, an event database, where one can post their events, find venues, find vendors. It is a global market place which allows people to convey their events and to get it recognized worldwide, track upcoming events in a particular area; this also allows people to find out a suitable venue for their event, and all other best services like photographer, caterer, event organizer, boutique etc. which are required for making an event successful.

Our service is useful for event organizer as well as event finders. Event organizers can create their event and post us whereby we take the opportunity to promote the event worldwide. Apart from promoting the event we also guide the event organizer with ample number of services like finding venue, floral decorations, photographer etc.

Share-Ur-Event is not only focused on event organizers but also helps people to find the events which are arranged worldwide. It acts as a platform for those people who are enthusiastic, energetic to attend an event at their place of interest. We provide a list of events which are organized wherein the event finders can find those events according to the locality, time, type of event etc. in this way we are browser friendly.